Communicating Ocean Conservation – with Deb Castellana

I can’t stress how important Ocean Conservation communication is to protecting the Ocean.


Communication of Ocean Awareness, Education, and Calls to Action targeted at the general public is a vital role in Ocean Conservation.

When people think of Ocean Conservation, they tend to think about being a scientist; however, scientists are only part of the process. They conduct studies to help understand what is happening in the Oceans, but what happens after the scientists make their conclusions? They need to tell the public

This is where people like Debra “Deb” Castellana come into play. She is the Director of Communications for Mission Blue/The Sylvia Earle Alliance, an initiative to communicate Ocean Conservation to the public. Deb is responsible for building partnerships with organizations and companies like to unite and focus our energies on making people aware of Ocean Issues and informing them how they can take action to better protect the Oceans. This is obviously no small task and Deb works her butt off to make sure you and I are informed on what is happening to the Ocean…good and bad!

Deb was SUPER-HELPFUL in agreeing to sit down and talk to me about what you can expect when you work in a career of Ocean Conservation Communication. She dropped some great knowledge for you and I to think about what we can do to transfer our passion for the Ocean into a full blown super exciting career!

Check out the interview below for all the details on how you can become an Ocean Conservation Communicator!

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