Ocean Conservation Jobs: Why You Don’t Hear Back For An Interview


Why don’t I hear back from a job I applied to for an interview? This is THE question that everyone has who is building a career in Ocean Conservation. It’s the perfect way to kick off OCC TV! Do you find you are asking the same question even though you qualify for the position to which you are applying? Then you need to watch the video in this article

I understand how frustrating it can be after you spend a few hours (it takes me an average of 3 hours to apply for a position including research, customizing my resume, and applying) applying for a position and then you wait a couple of weeks…or a month, wondering if you will hear back from the employer for an interview. And then you don’t hear back from the position. IT DRIVES ME NUTS!

So much so that I researched why we don’t hear back from the hiring managers after submitting our applications that we poured our blood sweat and tears. The research helped me realize where I was going wrong and it didn’t take me long to fix the problem. The results? I got 4 out of 6 interviews from my applications.

You are probably wondering what the problem was. Well, it was my cover letter. It never really provided the hiring managers with the information they needed to make a proper assessment. Watch the video below to find out details.

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