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3 Interview Questions That Reveal Everything

This article gives 3 questions (and one bonus question) that hiring managers should ask their job candidates. I find that it is always helpful to learn from the advice given to hiring managers because they might be trying the advice on you one day.

The one thing I enjoyed about this article was the fact that you can give better answers for these questions because you know the information for which the managers are trying to get out of you.

Own The Interview: 10 Questions To Ask

I’ve had the opportunity to be interviewed on a number of occasions now. I must admit, my track record in getting the job after the interview has not necessarily been great. So I am always searching for ways to improve on how I conduct my interviews. The article above surprised me as I didn’t really know that asking key questions could add points for you interview. Check out the article for 10 questions you should ask the interviewer. Keep in mind you don’t have to ask every single one as I would imagine asking too many questions might seem over zealous.

The 5 Best Things To Say During An Interview

I added this article because I always come across articles where the tell you the things you shouldn’t say during an interview, which are handy articles…but what SHOULD you say. This article tells you exactly that and you can use the information on Ocean Conservation Interviews.