Shark Saving Career – with Samantha Whitcraft


Samantha Whitcraft works in a career that saves sharks. I know, right? That’s the kind of work we all want. So how do we get a job like Samantha’s? Well, Samantha was kind enough to spill the beans on how she ended up in a kick ass career. Find out what how she launched a rewarding career in Ocean Conservation

We probably all assume having a Career in Ocean Conservation means we need a full education in Marine Science. It’s partly true depending on what you want to do, but as Samantha clearly demonstrates, you don’t need to do the full 4-8 years of schooling to get a PhD to save animals. After getting a Master’s in Conservation Biology, Samantha used her English degree to leverage her career. She became an effective communicator for her work, writing grants, and communicating with SCUBA divers on her current project, SharksCount.

When I planned this interview, I was expecting Samantha to give us information on how she chooses her interns for her project. However, she gave us so much more, including what she looks for in an intern! Samantha gave us advice on the skills her projects require from her interns (and it’s not all about a college education. She told us the important of how to write, having technical skills, learning how to write grants and fundraise, the power of networking, and being a self motivator to initiate projects for organizations.

I hope you enjoy watching this interview (it’s 76 minutes long!) as it is jammed packed with so much information that you will definitely want to take some notes. Enjoy the interview!

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