3 Skills To Help You Get An Ocean Conservation Job

People are hired for an Ocean Conservation Job because they are qualified for the position.

The statement above is true…to a certain degree, but what happens when a hiring manager comes across two or three people who have the same qualifications for a job? They could only choose one, but which one should they choose?

3 skills

Hiring managers will choose the BEST candidate for the job, which means they are going to choose the candidate that offers the best “Added Value” to the organization, company, or government department. So how can you ensure that you offer the best “Added Value” to the place to which you are applying? It’s not a simple answer.

Every organization, company and government department have different definitions of “Added Value,” so it can be difficult to try and figure out which added skill will help the organization you want to help the most. I mean, there are soooo many organizations out there, where do you begin with choosing a target place of work?

This is where it helps to have a clear defined career path in mind so you can narrow down the place you to where you would like to work. For example, if you want to nurse sick marine mammals to health, you might want to target and research the Marine Mammal Center to see what they do and the types of qualifications you need to work there. You might also want to see what extra skill set on which they rely to get their projects done, i.e. project management, fundraising.

In the video below, check out 3 extra skills that will come in handy to many Ocean Conservation Organizations out there that can be attained with a little hard work up front.

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