The Resume


The Purpose Of A Resume

The Resume Structure

Experiment With Your Resume


Action Item

Your resume/cv is your way of providing the hiring manager(s) with a description of your education background, your professional/volunteer experiences, and your interests (whether it be outdoor activities, hobbies, and/or Ocean Conservation interests i.e. writing blog posts for Speak Up For Blue!!!)

Using this process, you will need to customize your resume/cv for each job. So when you apply to that wonderful position, you want to be ready because you never know when you will find the great opportunity…it could be a day or two before the application deadline. Therefore, you will want to have your resume components ready for when you apply.

So for this Action Item, you will write out all of your professional/volunteer experiences, your education background, and your interests in a separate document than your resume/cv (each experience will count as 1 component). Write out each component in point form and in full sentence form. Once completed, you will have your arsenal of experiences to build a strong resume/cv.


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