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Apply to Jobs Using a Sensible Approach

In Today’s episode, we are going to talk about taking a sensible approach to applying for jobs. But before we get into the thick of things, I want to know the first thing that comes to mind when you come across a job ad in Ocean Conservation that interests you. Do you get excited at […]


Ocean Conservation Jobs: Why You Don’t Hear Back For An Interview

Why don’t I hear back from a job I applied to for an interview? This is THE question that everyone has who is building a career in Ocean Conservation. It’s the perfect way to kick off OCC TV! Do you find you are asking the same question even though you qualify for the position to […]


Communicating Ocean Conservation – with Deb Castellana

I can’t stress how important Ocean Conservation communication is to protecting the Ocean. Communication of Ocean Awareness, Education, and Calls to Action targeted at the general public is a vital role in Ocean Conservation. When people think of Ocean Conservation, they tend to think about being a scientist; however, scientists are only part of the […]


Shark Saving Career – with Samantha Whitcraft

Samantha Whitcraft works in a career that saves sharks. I know, right? That’s the kind of work we all want. So how do we get a job like Samantha’s? Well, Samantha was kind enough to spill the beans on how she ended up in a kick ass career. Find out what how she launched a […]


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