Apply to Jobs Using a Sensible Approach


In Today’s episode, we are going to talk about taking a sensible approach to applying for jobs.

But before we get into the thick of things, I want to know the first thing that comes to mind when you come across a job ad in Ocean Conservation that interests you. Do you get excited at the possibility of working for a particular organization or a certain job, or do you feel a low confidence because you don’t think that you will get a call back for an interview (if you feel this way, then click here to sign up sheet below to get access to my FREE short course on how to Convert Ocean Conservation Job Applications to Interviews!).

Either way, you feel some sort of emotion when you see a job advertisement for which you may qualify. That emotion can inhibit you in getting that job or build a career in a particular field. BUT, don’t worry, I’ve got a great solution for this potential problem. Ignore your feelings and become more practical!!! You have to remove the negative thoughts and control your positive thoughts (which is what I had to do) and concentrate on what you need to do to apply for the position.

Check out the video below to get more information and fin out what my job searching process use to be like (here is a hint…I’m a dreamer).

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