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Ocean Conservation Online Networking: LinkedIn Part 1

Ocean Conservation networking could mean you could get a job in your career path by possibly bypassing the application process. Imagine you are sitting around one day and you get an email from a colleagues, in your network, who makes you aware of an upcoming job at his/her organization and thinks you would make a […]


Life of A Marine Science PhD Student with Jesse Senko

So you want to know about a marine science PhD? You want to know what to expect when you do a PhD in Ocean Conservation…well look no further because the video interview below is something you will want to see and take notes!!! I’ve never done a PhD. I did a Master’s degree and I […]


3 Skills To Help You Get An Ocean Conservation Job

People are hired for an Ocean Conservation Job because they are qualified for the position. The statement above is true…to a certain degree, but what happens when a hiring manager comes across two or three people who have the same qualifications for a job? They could only choose one, but which one should they choose? […]


3 Steps To Take When Applying For An Ocean Conservation Job

Marine Biology job searching SUCKS! Or I hate searching for Jobs! Or There are no Ocean Conservation Jobs out there! I hear these statements all the time. True, searching for jobs is not fun and the economy is still not where it should be…BUT, it doesn’t mean there are only a few jobs available! There […]


What Its Like To Be A Professor – with Dr. Bob Payne

Ever dream about becoming a professor, teaching young impressionable students, and conducting cutting edge research in Ocean Conservation? Well, you’re not the only one. I know a number of people who dreamed to work in academia and be a professor at a top notch university/college, but when they got to where they wanted to go, […]


Networking for an Ocean Conservation Career

Ocean Conservation Job hunting could be really frustrating at times. Many of us visit the same websites everyday (sometimes multiples times per day) to see if there were any new job opportunities that matched our interests. If there were any, then you would start would go get all excited (see next weeks OCC TV – […]


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