Life of A Marine Science PhD Student with Jesse Senko

Jesse Senko Interview About Marine Science PhD

So you want to know about a marine science PhD? You want to know what to expect when you do a PhD in Ocean Conservation…well look no further because the video interview below is something you will want to see and take notes!!!

I’ve never done a PhD. I did a Master’s degree and I always wanted to do a PhD, but I never did (or haven’t yet). There is always an excuse like “not the right time” or “I can’t afford to be a student again because I have a mortgage and two kids.” Valid excuses, but none the less…excuses.

But one of my major doubts in doing a PhD is that I didn’t know what to expect from a doctoral program. I always wondered how I needed to apply; how I should choose my advisor; where I should go to do my thesis; and the list goes on. I’m sure if you ever thought of doing a PhD you had similar concerns.

So, I wanted to help you answer your questions, or at least the questions that I had, on what life was like as a PhD student. My colleague and buddy, Jesse Senko who is a 2nd year PhD student at Arizona State University, was really happy to help me out and help you decide on doing a PhD. Jesse is doing his thesis on Sustainable Fisheries Management and conducts his field work in La Paz, Mexico (lucky guy!).

In the interview below, Jesse talks about his reasons for doing a PhD, how he got into the program, and what his experience has been so far. This interview has a ton of information so make sure you take notes or watch the video more than once.

If you have questions for Jesse, write them in the comments below and he will try and answer them.

Check Out the video now

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