Diving for Shark Conservation for a Living – with Christine Shepard


Shark conservation is often pictured when you think of Ocean Conservation. We love sharks, we fear them, and we respect them all at the same time. And one thing is for sure, we want to live out our passion to protect them from harm.

So how do build a career in Shark Conservation?

Do you become a scientist? Maybe

Do you become a photographer/videographer to document sharks in the wild? That’s another way of doing it

Or do you do both? ABSOLUTELY!!!

But there are no jobs posted on marine conservation sites with for someone who has those qualifications. What do you do? You can find another career or you could create your own opportunities using your passion and motivation for you interests.

This is what Christine Shepard did to land her job as Multimedia Specialist at the University of Miami’s RJ Dunlop Marine Conservation Program and I interview her today so she can tell you how she is working in her Dream Job! You are going to find out how she used her self confidence to create your own opportunities and work in a position that you will love. Enjoy the interview!

Christine Shepard

RJ Dunlop Marine Conservation Program

Shark Tagging Program

Christine’s Personal Website

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