Ocean Conservation Your Way – with Dr. Wallace J. Nichols


Do you think you need a job to have a successful career in Ocean Conservation…guess again!!!

Imagine you have the freedom to do Ocean Conservation the way you think it should be done. You have the power to call all the shots, plan your own projects, and get funded to do them without having to get approval from a boss or the organization for which you work…

It sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Well, I am pleased to say that Dr. Wallace J. Nichols is living that dream. The dream to have intellectual freedom. The dream to conduct your own conservation research. The dream to collaborate with many different organizations to conduct a project that you think is important to protecting the Ocean. The dream to NOT search for a job that lasts 6 months and requires you to move halfway across the country (or World!) to get a bit of experience (no, I am not bitter…well maybe a little bitter!).

J started the “100 Blue Angels” program where people can donate any amount of money they want (there is a $2 minimum) per month to fund J to conduct Ocean Conservation work as he sees fit. This means he has a group of people (a community, if you will) who believes in J and trusts him to protect the Ocean using his resources, his intelligence, his creativity, his connections, and his passion on their behalf! Pretty sweet isn’t it

In todays interview, I ask J to discuss his 100 Blue Angel program; why he started it; and the advice he has for others who would like to do Ocean Conservation but cannot find a specific job that allows them to do the range of work they think is necessary to do effective Ocean Conservation

I have to admit, I hijacked the interview at some point because I want to start a similar program for SpeakUpForBlue.com. I am working on the program right now so you Ocean Leaders will see more on this in the upcoming months.

Now I realize you were probably expecting an interview on how to get a job in Ocean Conservation, but you have to remember I created this web show to help you build a career in Ocean Conservation. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get a job. I want to present you with all of the options available.

Check out the interview for more information on the program and see if you would ever consider creating a program like this for yourself.

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